Lithium Battery Options now available on the Viscount Caravan Range

Viscount Caravans have improved their long list of options once more with the addition of a Lithium Battery Pack option.

The Lithium Battery requires the charger to be upgraded, with the introduction of the BMPRO BatteryPlus-35-II-HA Battery Management System and Trek Display.

The unit contains the following key features;

  • Total output current 35A
  • 30A multistage battery charger
  • Inbuilt solar MPPT regulator (420W, 30A, 25V max input)
  • Distribution board with 12 at 10A and 2 at I5A DC outputs for load connection
  • Electronic resettable fuses
  • CAN bus connection for BMPRO accessories
  • In-built battery management system
  • Solar and Aux Blending
  • Auxiliary DC input
  • Load current limit
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Compatible with lead acid and lithium (LiFePO4) deep cycle batteries

The Lithium Battery set up has a number of key benefits including;

  • Large number of cycles >2000 (100% DoD) means lower cost of ownership
  • Safe and stable chemistry & Integrated BMS  provide the highest degree of safety
  • Greater capacity utilisation – 60% more than SLA gives longer runtime compared with equivalent SLA
  • High energy density (less than half of the weight of SLA) lowers total weight of application
  • Fast recharge means the battery is charged and ready to be used sooner
  • Flat Discharge Curve gives longer run time & more efficient use of capacity
  • Extremely low self-discharge rate allows to let the battery sit unused for longer periods of time
  • UL1642 at cell level and IEC 62619:2017 at the complete battery level certification (lithium battery safety testing for household, industrial and commercial batteries)

The Lithium Battery Pack Upgrade is available on the entire Viscount Caravan range with 1 or 2 Lithium Batteries, and the set up comes standard with a DC:DC Miniboost Charger

See image below of the Viscount Modified Overhead cabinet to suit BMPRO Charger


For more information, contact your local dealer.