V1 Straight Lounge

The Viscount V1 range has now been increased thanks to the introduction of the V1-STL – the Viscount Straight Lounge.

We’re all for listening to our dealers, especially when they have ideas like this, and we think the option of a straight lounge in the dinette is a real game-changer.

Paul Bridge from Adventure Caravans approached us in August about alternating the L-Shape lounge to make a little bit more room in the 17’6 Viscount V1.

Our design team got straight to work, and the V1-STL will incorporate a dinette against the wall, allowing for a more open space in the caravan.

As all of our internal finish in Computer-Cut CNC furniture, we’ve also designed the petitions with a cut out, to promote even more room in the caravan.

The Viscount V1-STL is available to order now at your local dealership at no additional cost.